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Strat Wiring Bunk


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I've got a Strat with a DiMarzio hot rail type p/u in the bridge and generic p/u's everywhere else. When I switch to the Middle+Bridge position the sound is quite a bit weaker than the other 4 (I know it's usually quieter but it's more than normal). As far as I can tell from schematics the wiring is correct. The HB has a coil tap on it but the weakness in the sound doesn't change. Any ideas?

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Hmm...could be, I'll have to go home to check.  If so, how do I fix that?

To fix a phase problem, you need to swap some wires either in the bridge pup or in both the others. Will need to see your wiring diagram and wiring colours to advise further.

Would you happen to have an analogue multimeter (ie with a needle)? If so, heres a definative 'pull - off' test for a phase problem:

Set it to the most sensitive dc volt setting - eg 0.25V

Plug in a guitar lead, but dont plug into amp, instead, connect the meter between jack sleeve and jack tip.

Set vol and tones to max.

Pick each single pup in turn with the selector switch

Put a scredriver tip on one of the pup pole pieces, and then pull it straight up

The needle will move either left of right

For in phase settings, the needle should move the same way for all pups (doesnt matter which way)

You can check again with the problem combo setting - whether you do it on the mid or bridge the needle should move the same way.

If you have movement in different directions, a phase problem is indicated.


Place the tip a

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Sounds like the phase issue is the right thing.  The bass is very weak on that setting.  The neck+middle position works fine.  What wires do I need to swap coming from the bridge pickup?

If the bridge pup sounds OK on its own in whatever coil cut, series etc settings you have, then you can fix it if you know which wires go with each coil. Basically, swap the north coil wires with each other, and swap the south coil wires with each other. that will reverse everything on the bridge, which wont change its own sound but phase swap it with the other pups.

If that does not work, thats where we need to know how you have wired it, and what wiring colours you have - also what type of pickup is it? Do you have a diagram?


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It's a DiMarzio hot rails, maybe.  A HB that fits in the SC hole with 2 blade pole pieces.  A specific wiring diagram I don't have, I just follow the strat wiring in a book I have and then looked on the DiMarzio site for what wires to use in the coil cut.

i had a look at the Dimarzio diagram here:


It looks like if you have wired that coil cut diagram, then just swap the red and green wires, leaving the switch the same. See if that works, and let us know!


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