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Un-lacquerd Veneer


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I tried seaching for this looooooooooooooooaaaaads and nothing about it came up.

I want a natural woody veneer finish, without laquer so would i use something like tung oil??? Is this a good idea. and can it be done? I prefer guitar with a natural finish with no lacquer on it, i just haven't seen any with veneer on them, any ideas?

Cheers Noddy :D

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What's veneer got to do with anything?

Oil finishes are very natural feeling, beatiful things if done right. I'm not an advocate of 'pure' oils, like only Tung Oil being used, rather go for something like TruOil or other polymerizing oil finishes, which dry faster, and provide better build than 'straight' oils do. I'm sure there's stuff on oil finishes here somewhere.

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