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Wesley's finished king V

Guest AlexVDL

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thanks alex.

okay i am sorry for the poor quality of the pics but i will tell you all the important stuff.

i started with a carvin neck with a paddle headstock.the grain of the maple is really nice and it is a quality neck and the frets were already leveled and dressed so i didn't even have to mess with that.the two dark strips of wood are walnut and the wings are alder.there is a strip of bubinga between the pickups which is covering the route i had to make for the wiring(it is a neck thru so i couldn't drill through the neck pocket obviously)and the control cavity cover is also bubinga.(about 3/4" thick.)i tung oiled the whole body,neck,and fretboard and that is the only finish.i used tung oil because it is the easiest finish i know of and it really made the wood look good.it even made the alder look nice!there is no coloring it is just the natural darkening of the tung oil.

i did make a number of mistakes.the worst one was the routing of the control cavity.i just couldn't get control of the dremel and it kept chattering,even with new bits.i think i need to invest in a real router.i originally planned on direct mounting the bridge pickup but it made the tone too muddy so i put in a pickup ring and that solved the problem.

the pickups are emg.81 at bridge and 85 at neck.only volume no tone and a gibson style 3 way toggle.got it from stewmack and the quality is excellent.

tone pros bridge and tailpiece.it comes without the saddles notched so i made a mess of that at first.i used a nail file because that is all i had.next time i WILL find a better way.

schaller locking tuners.they work well and the graphite nut that came on the neck makes tuning a breeze.i managed to get the angle of the bridge so nice that when i did the intonation all of the saddles except for two are in the exact center of their slot.and the other two are only a little off.

i have been playing it alot and have already dinged it up as i am not used to having those points stick out so far past my body but i am not concerned as i made it to play.the sound is great.screaming highs,huge sustain,and a sharp attack.very articulate and distinct tone.the more i break it in the better i like it.

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hey looks nice! i like the contrasting woods, and i like the shape of the v

good work!

ps now that your done it, go buy some new sneakers i saw them in one of the pics, boy are they ratty! :D

but hey money is for one thing................buying more guitar stuff! screw the sneakers!

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Sorry although I do love Quilted tops I'll take this one over the PRS copy simply because it has more personal carature I think B)

Hope that made your day Wes :D I always wanted a V and a Gibson Doubleneck and a well this list could get really long so I'll stop :D

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You vould make Uli Jon und Rudolph smile for zat upper fret agcess!

Nice work!

A Question...when I was installing the strap buttons on my Shark V, I asked around first where the hell the rear button was supposed to go, and was sent a pic of a genuine Rhoads V, where it was shown that the rear button went, oh, about 1/2 way to 2/3rds way 'up the wing', if you follow, which is where I put mine and seems to work out great.

How does yours hang with your button centered in the rear? Does it feel comfortable?

Just curious, as that was the second placement that was recommended, where yours is 'in the middle stylee'...

Did you do the 'rocketship' roundovers on the ends on purpose or are all King V's rounded like that? Something I don't think I've ever really took notice of...

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Sweet Wes - the use of naturally contrasting woods looks very classy. :D

A good tip for wiring runs on neck-throughs is to route a channel in the side of the neck blank - this is hidden when the blanks are glued up, but revealed when you route your pickup cavities. That said, I like the bubinga inlay, it looks like a deliberate style choice, and really fits the blonde/brunette colour scheme.

Just out of curiosity, what's up with the 1st fret in the 3rd image - it looks like there's an overhang on the treble side - is it just an 'oops' in the digital image?

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well drak to answer your questions.the rear button is actually not centered,it is slightly towards the top of the guitar(in the walnut.)and the top button is in the side of the neck pointed straight up.the reason i did it that way is i prefer my guitars to hang with the neck pointed up.i was concerned that it might want to take a dive towards the headstock.it was kind of a guessing game but it worked out and the balance is perfect.it hangs however you want it too(stays where you put it)and doesn't lean away from your body either(which is why i didn't hide the buttons in the back).i thought about this long before i ever built it and my wife bought me straplocks for it last christmas before i ever started on it.they are necessary to keep the top strap on the button.they work well.really it is more comfortable to play than i ever imagined.it is fast on the way to becoming my main guitar.and the upper fret access could not BE any better.no more banging my fingers on the bottom horn!

and to answer your second question.it is not actually a king v.it is smaller and more of my own desighn but was meant to look like a cross between a king v and a speed v(b.c.rich).i took the neck and laid it on a posterboard and positioned all the electronics and bridge and drew the body i wanted on the posterboard.the rounded over tips are something i thought would look cool.i don't think the king v has them but i am not sure as i haven't really studied it.i prefer the b.c.rich.

and setch.thanks for the tip!i will definately use that in the future.to be honest i never caught the problem until it came time to drill the hole.my wife is the one who came up with the idea of the bubinga.boy was i pissed when i realized my oversight! B)

and the overhanging fret is just in the image.the neck came already with the frets leveled and dressed.they did a great job.no buzzing and my action is just right.but you are right the picture does look like that.i think it is part of the floor blending in.

and rye i bought those sneakers over 2 years ago and only wear them around the house(when i am not barefoot.)i have really expensive workboots for everywhere else and i cringe every time i have to buy a new pair.

and brian and everyone else.thank you for the kind words.you did make my day. :D

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Now I understand!

Mine was kind of a guessing game too and worked out to my liking also, although I did put my upper button directly above the neck plate facing rearwards, but it doesn't seem to give me any problems.


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