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Ibanez Edge-pro 7 Bridge

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I would prefer this in inches

I prefer you using the search function next time.


Information on pups could have been found on SD of Dimarzio's website. Neck pocket measurement could be had in every decent music store.

Edge Pro 7 routings could have be bit more difficult.....not sure if set of measurements are floating around on the net.

For you next posts.......may I suggest starting post with something like this:

Hi, I'm Blablabla. I'm new to this site. Some awesome info on here. I'm planning to build whatever and I'm looking for set of trem cavity measurements. I have searched other posts, but only could find info on the Edge Lo Pro 7.

Anyone aware of Edge Pro 7 routing measurements.......I could have taken a tape measure to music store.......but that would leave me only with outside measurements.......

I appreciate the help.

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