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Neck Thickness and other questions

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1) How thick should I make my neck at the bottom where it bolts on the body? :D

2) Also How wide should the fret board be at the top and bottom? :D

3) At which point on a 24 fret fretboard should it stay the same width? :D

4) What is a good headstock thickness? B)

Also if it matters for the neck width my neck plate is 50 mm wide. Thank you in advance and I need the info by 3:30. :D

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1. 2cm or around 3/4" for a standard strat depth (neck minus fretboard) plus the fretbord

2. Depends on your particular neck but average measurments are 1-5/8" to 43mm at the nut for a 6 string and 2-1/4" at the other end for a 24 fret neck

3. None they tapper all the way, ok ok last 4-1/4" for the neck pocket before people get upset B) .

4. 1/2" or around 14mm works for me

It's before 3:30 somewhere so what did I win? :D

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