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Strat Hh Hardtail Conversion

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What I did to my strat was put all four springs on (all I had), tighten the bridge so that it was solid against the body, and wedge a block of wood behind the trem block (the springs hold it in). And I put the whammy bar away somewhere where I wouldn't lose it.

Plays like a hardtail...but I have the option of restoring the trem if or when I want.

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Hey, Kev....

Is this thing related to yours, in any way:


The Tremol-No is ***NOT*** associated with that product in any way.

The device in that StewMac link REQUIRES drilling and possible routing, along with specialized tools (and sometimes a professional tech) to install.

Also how could i convert a floyd rose to a hardtail i saw the thing on stewmac but is there anyway i can do it without buying that product?

There's a tutorial here about filling in a tremolo cavity (see the main site Tutorials section).

Many have used the "wood block" method with mixed success.

The Tremol-No will be available in a few weeks and will solve your problem in about 15 minutes.

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It's not really a PITA to install....if your last name is Nordegg, Suhr, or Brawer.


But seriously, don't take my word for it- have a look for yourself. Compare their installation to the Tremol-No installation:

Tremol-No Instructions

StewMac product Instructions

You make the call.

The Tremol-No will be about $60-65 USD, and will come with the Deep-C.

And, you don't have to buy any special tools to install it, take it to a tech, buy extra parts because you run 10's, etc. :D

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