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Musitech Mid-Booster (Stew-Mac) Any Takers?


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Has anyone here ever tried this thing?

I cannot find the company on the web anywhere, although I seem to remember a poster on another board saying they were in Canada...

I bought one (smooth and creamy) a few years ago from Stew-Mac and have never installed it in anything yet.

Lately I am a big fan of the EMG Afterburner and EMG's other active controls, but this thing is collecting dust and if it's a nice usable unit, I'll find a home for it...

But I can't find any information or reviews on it, and especially some comparisons to other pre-amps out there...

The pre-amp world seems to still be in the shadows...

Anybody like this thing, and what are your observations?

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Sounds like a semi-replica of the Fender Clapton Strat mid-boost circuit then? ...I don't know much about those.

I'll have to ask the Fender crowd! B)

Kinda sounds like it's geared more for SC's I'm guessing then.

Mebbe I'll e-mail Stew-Mac, see if they have any worthwhile comments...

Thanks for the links Brian.

Hate to see any gain-increasing device sit and rot :D

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