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Pinless Bridge For Steel String Acoustic.

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I'm planning to make a pinless bridge for the guitar I'm making. A few things I'm unsure about:

-Is there a limit to the amount of material of the bridge holding the strings?

-Is there a certain angle that the strings should run off the back of the saddle to prevent them from cutting into the bridge (holes)?

Also the back of the bridge isnt parallel to the saddle, so therefor the angle that the holes drilled in the back of the bridge will have to vary in steepness, is there a way in which i can accuratly work this out?

-Any info, tips or references (other sites or documented procesess) please drop the info, thanks...

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Draw it out, maybe twice full size, in various aspects.

There are several discussions and photographs of pinless bridges at mimf.com, in the library, and google around for Lowden guitars (also have pinless bridges), and peek at Doolin/Eliot's pinless 'pin' bridge design, which is really quite elegant.

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