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Help! Tone Pot Works Like Volume Pot


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:D I wired up my guitar and can't get the tone pot to work properly. When I turn it, it controls the volume and goes all the way off.

I have 1 hb, 1 vol, 1 tone.

I wired it according to the Seymour Duncan site.

Volume 500k

lug #3 input, lug #2 output to jack, #1 folded back and ground

Tone 250k

lug #1 positive from volume lug #3, #2 ground to back of volume pot.

I've tried putting the vol. lug #2 out to tone lug #1 and from there to output jack.

The problem is the tone doesn't work as a tone pot it works like a volume. :D


btw newbie here...... no flames please..... i searched and tried all kinds of wiring combos and need help from the masters.


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Yeah, that's been my choice for 250K pots - some folks will go as high as .047uF, and I have seen them as low as .01uF, so you might want to try 'em all out. Even at ridiculous Radio Shack prices, 3 caps will set you back less than 5 bucks, so it's a really cheap tone tweak, if you want to compare them all.

:D You could even make 'em switchable (if it's worth the trouble), and add another layer of complexity to your controls, if you're into that whole starship bridge controls switching concept!

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