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Water Baed Analine Dyes


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I have two dyes which arrvied not long ago. They are from LMIi.com and one is blue, the other black.

Does anyone know help much of each dye and distilled water to get such a finish:


, And what proccess should I do to get this look? Like a base wash of black etc?

I also live in Hong Kong. But does anyone know the paint brand "Plyox" or "Nippon"? Cos that is what I may be using for the back and the headstock.



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Sorry but Perry gave you the only possible answer!!!

BTW Mykasguitar posted a lot of pix with dyed top and he uses your same dyes. Search for his posts.

Again, for me it's clear that I have to mix strong the dyes, at least as starting point :D


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