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Making Of My Explorer

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I really enjoyed to learn about building a guitar in that forum and so I will

document the build of my own Explorer, the EXP2!

Pleas excuse my bad english, I'm from Germany.

Yesterday I was at a local joiner to get some wood. Because mahagony was

out I got a plank of beech-tree for 20€. [Pic]

I calculated that it's possible to cut 2 guitars out of it.

I planed to cut my Explorer in one piece. The headstock won't be angeled.

It'll be like one of the Strat headstocks.

First I printed the bodyoutline and glued the plan on the plank. [Pic]

The contour I cutted with a jigsaw. After that I smoothed the edges with my beldgrinder. The result: [Pic]

Next sep was to remove the plan. First a pose with the cutted body:


Now the paper is removed completely

Soon I'll post some new pictures. :D

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Umm...1-piece body and neck? Probably also means no angle (you don't really want to plane an angle into the neck. Runout ahoy!). Is this a nice, quartered chunk at least?

Also, you picked a bridge that's low enough to let you get a playable guitar out of this (trems are out, TOM are out, even Fender bridges are pretty much out unless you sink 'em low), and you realize you'll have very, very little distance from the strings to the face of the guitar, right? Probably need the pickups flush to the body.

Draw it out, full scale, side view, and accurately. And go from there.

It's a nice chunk 'o' wood, and I'm assuming it's well and properly dried, right? Because 1-piece body and neck? Risking some warp. There are reasons beyond the practical that 1-piece instruments aren't at all common.

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So if you look at the guitarname you can see, that it's not my first guitar.

The neckangle will be added tater. I did it on the other guitar to and it was

great. The bridge will be a tune-o-matic. I tested and it fits.

I can't finish my first Explorer, because I got a wrong plan and the scale

doesn't fit with the pickup holes and the buied fingerboard I had already.

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