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7 string Tuning

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Hi !!

I will buy a 7 string but before I want to know if it is possible to tune the guitar in D G C F Bb D G (a minor third higher) ?

To get this tuning should I use a special neck : a kind of "soprano neck" or may I do that with a regular neck ??

Many thanks for your answers !!!


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I'd think that for that tuning, you could buy a regular set of 10's, then seperately buy a 7 gauge string for your high e { or high g string, as the case may be }. That would be a really sweet tuning. You may possibly need to buy a new nut for it to accomodate the skinnier-than-usual strings. I wouldn't think the tension would be too tight on it... i've never tried it, but it wouldn't hurt anything to experement.

Let me tell you, once you really get into playing 7-strings, you'll never, ever want to go back! Just out of curiousity, why don't you want to tune it like a normal 7-string?

Hope this helped!


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Thanks for your answer !!

I don't want to soud too low, heavy and with the tuning D G C F Bb D G when I put my finger for a C (like in usual tuning) the pith is Eb like some saxophone !!! So If i want to jam I only need to read the chord of the Eb-instrument and not transpose all the way. Actually, in the beginning I wanted just to transpose my guitar but with a 7 string I will keep all the bass.

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