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Re-finishing My Headstock


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Hey everyone, just registered here because im in need of some help.

Im doing up a custom guitar, and am at the point where I need to remove the old finsih from a headstock,stain it with tung oil, add a new logo, and clear coat it. The problem is im pretty new to all of this and there isn't anyone around these areas that can do it for me. So I need to find a good tutorial to go by, or if someone can tell me what to do basically id appreciate it.

As soon as I get a source to go by, im going to sand down the headstock. My main problem is the re finishing part. I need to know what steps to go by for that mainly, aswell as the clear coating part. The rest is pretty strait forward.


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My main problem is the re finishing part. I need to know what steps to go by...

Hey have a look through the stew-mac catalogue/website. They supply necks with unshaped headstocks and they come with the lacquer and instructions on how to finish it. You can probably just follow their tips and methods.

If you want to do a new inlay, you'll probably have to put a new veneer on it, or if it doesn't have one at all put one on it.

You can probably treat it like a normal finishing so check out 'project guitar webpage'

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