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I Bought A Guitar Body Is It Mahogany?

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hi just recieved a guitar body which is suppossed to be hondoran mahogan. it lokks a little light to me compared to my other mahogany body? an advice is appreciated


body pic

it sure looks like mahogany..is it finished or unfinished? keep in mind that all woods vary in color a bit from tree to tree and from species to species. if it's unfinished just take a damp rag and rub part of it. it will darken to about what it will look like when finished.

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Look very closely for tiny, light colored crosshatchings between the longitudinal grain. Also some mahogany will have tiny white lines interspersed with the longitudinal grain. Most noticeable when freshly sanded. I've heard it is some sort of mineral accretions that the tree accumulates during its growth.

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