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First time refinishing


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Hi all, no need to say im new to the boards and new to refinishing...

well, not to long ago i had an idea... i was looking for an strat sound, single coils were needed... i wont be able to afford me another guitar in a while so i decided on refinishing and... well... moding my old beater...

well, i had an idea for a cool flower stratstrat

pictures here

so i started 2 days ago trying to stripe the old finish out of my yamaha, needless to say its going really really slow (only tools i have right now is sand paper 220)

now, any tricks to make the striping process easier or atleast faster? im not quiter sure but i think its a poly finish

and, finally... WHAT SHOULD I USE AND WHAT PROCESS TO FOLLOW TO PAINT IT?! been reading all over and all i get is more and more confused...

i supose i finish sanding it and put an oil based grain filler, then paint the light blue (ill be using spray cans) and not sure of what kind of paint, then painting the flowers and then a transparent something (not sure what kind of something)

so, HELP!

thanks a lot!


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First off... Welcome to the boards!!

I've never personally tried taking a finish off to bare wood.. but I've heard alot of people who chemically strip the paint off the wood.. maybe you could check into that.. I think they used a product named Citristrip... not sure how good it does.. Maybe someone will shed some light on this product.. But anyway here is the link...


Hope this helps out...


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yup, the very same chato

i decided on the paint, im gonna use car paint cause it seems to be the only decent paint in spray cans (atleast in canadian tire)

i also decided on the clear coat, now ill just sand a little more, smooth the neck hill, make the body contour a little sexier, then some routing (may take a little cause i dont have a router and i need to find someone i can borrow one from ) and im ready to paint!


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