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Tremolo Installation

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Hey, I'm new to the forums, and this site, but I have to say I love it!!

Anyway, I'm building my own guitar from parts that I've ordered off the net.

I've got everything I need, and I know how to do it all, except for one thing..

I'm somewhat hesitant on putting in the bridge/tremolo, as I can see that it has six screws that keep it attached at the top. I am worried about knowing where to drill the holes/place the bridge. What is the method I should use in going about doing this project? (the tremolo is just the standard strat tremelo, nothing special)

I would appreciate any advice I could get.

The body is Ash (stained "denim blue")

The neck is maple, with an Ebony fretboard, and Jumbo frets.


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Welcome fuzz....search button is a virtual cornucopia of information.


I’m sure you don’t have a template so.....measure your scale of your neck, mark where the bridge should sit. Using the bridge as a template mark the holes on the body. Using a drill press or very carefully using a hand drill pre drill the holes. Attach bridge. Done!

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