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Bridge Placement

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im using a wrap around bridge would i use the same spacing as a tune amatic ?

if so in accordance with the scale im using the trebel insert should be at 25.061" from the nut925" scale 24 frett). the problem is i have no idea what the frqaction equivelant is and cant find it online. the closest i can get is 25.0625" or 25 1/16". will the difference make all that much of a difference?


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Two thousands of an inch? If you can drill a hole that accurately, you'd know that two thousands of an inch couldn't possibly have an effect on it. Your bridge isn't made to an accuracy even close to that.

Basically, no. Saying 25 1/16 of an inch is fine. You'll have a lot more error in your drilling than that tiny difference in length.

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