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full body template

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Well i want to try and make a neck thru guitar using a full template and just cut out the guitar tracing that with a flush trim, and template bit, obviously making several passes. But i'm having a bit of trouble (that are now scraps) getting the neck section to come out straight on either side. i want the neck to be 43mm at the nut and 56@ the 22nd fret.. i was going to trace my favorite tele neck with a bearing bit, but it's 42 at the nut :D so now the only thing i can come up with is use a straight edge of some sort and tape it to the top of the template at the nut and 22 fret then trace that line onto the guitar with a flush trim bit.. but that'll still be kinda inprasice/ iffy... i mean what if the ruler moves a tad? oh ya, just to let u know i was using 11inch stationary belt sander but even that couldn't get into one of the hornes so i had to switch to the 1" drum... which just wasn't working. I want the neck to be perfect cause i want to be able to cut out the guitar via the template, sand down and rough sections. (rout pickup cavs etc) then put on the fingerboard and use the template bit and trace the neck so as to cut off the excess FB material, then fret, then shape the back of the neck, then paint. So u see, i would like to rely heavily on the template for the shape of the body and neck. so as to only have to "think" about the shape once.

so... any ideas? i'll probably just say screw the 43mm nut and trace my tele neck but, i wanted to see if u guys could throw me a bone...

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You could use a loooong metal straight edge, like you mentioned. I would cover the thing in double sided tape (Scotch poster tape works for me) and it shouldn't move. Be sure to press the thing down really well to the wood and it shouldn't budge.

have a peek at my use of that tape here (it's everyone's first peek at my latest project)...


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ya, that's pretty much what i do now, and it's time consumming, i'd rather just make one template i could use over and over and not have to worry about getting the neck perfect cause i've already taken care of that.

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