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A Good Or A Bad Idea ?

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I plan to do in a near future something like this and i was thinking in printing this pattern in paper with a ink-jet plotter with UV ink, then the next step is to glue that to the guitar body and so on ... is this a good or bad idea ? Is there a more effective method ?



Bad idea

Get some white decal transfer paper. You can find it at hobby shops and ebay.

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Well, first i must find a foto with that pattern , after that it´s really easy ! My wife works with several companies that can make that , i can ask her to make a "prototype" with that pattern, for her, 1 sample it´s for free ...  :D

Good luck with the project then man and be sure to post pictures!!

~~ Slain Angel ~~

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This place sells snakeskin tolex. If you went this route, it'd probably look more real than fabric with clear coat, but your probably shouldn't put much of a finish over it. Hey, if it's durable enough for an amp, it's durable enough for a guitar.



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