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Hmmm I have a question regarding paint, I know i already posted it on my warlock thread but this is the place to ask this question- hope someone knowleadgeble can answer it- Well this warlock was painted with nitro lacquer, i want to take it with me to England, but of course, it will spend more than 9 hours in a plane at minus 70 celsius, obviously the paint will check, so i want to give it a clear coat with 2 part automotive acrilic, made by Nexa.

The guitar was painted first with catalized lacquer, and then , on top of it, regular lacquer as it ´s way easier to buff, i have done tests before, and if i remember correctly i can apply this 2 part acrilic paint on top of lacuqer, now my question is, if i do, will the paint still check? Thanks a lot

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Will it still get that cold in the pressurized hold, which is where they put pets?  As for your actual question, I'm not sure.


As long as there are pets, they will turn the heating system on, if there are no pets, it will get cold as ****, according to my girlfriend, who works for japan airlines...

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Not continental, they don´t have flights from Venezuela, it seems this time i´ll be flying with Air Portugal ( which i´m almost positive they suck) piece of advice : never fly with national airlines ie: air france, iberia, air portugal, etc etc etc I was worried because this is regular nitro, not catalized, which i think it´s the same Gibson uses, right?

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