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Got My Ne Guitar Body Today

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hi heres a link to what it looks like. guitar

quick question wht does the body smell somewhat like cigarette smaoke> Also is it possible to have a reaction to mahogany. seems like evertime i go near it i get heart burn and a soar throat.

i don't know about it smelling like cigarette smoke but it's very possible to have physical reactions to wood..i don't think i've ever heard of your particular symptoms but i wouldn't discount them either. get yourself a dust mask and see if that solves it.

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It is possible to have a reaction to any wood really. Your exposure is going to be much higher while sanding. After the wood is sealed your exposure would be minimal. If you react to certain wood you should limit or stop using it completely, as in a lot cases you may increase your sensitivity with repeated or prolonged exposure. Read through the wood toxic wood thread, and keep in mind the list is generalized and your reaction may differ. Don't discount the possibility of serious respitory reaction, especially if you have had allergic reations to a specific wood.

Be careful,Rich

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The dust itself is usually the nasty, and ALL dust is SERIOUSLY dangerous to your health, so wear protection. I've never really heard of people reacting to mahogany specifically, I have to say. What kind is it? Do you know? Species?

I've had some nasty (skin) reactions to Iroko, I know cocobolo and pau ferro are notorious sensitisers, and of the less exotic stuff, Walnut is known to be a 'danger' wood.

Either way, heart burn/sore throat sounds more like you're inahling something you shouldn't be, off the top of my head. If you're really curious about it/it gets worse, talk to your GP about it.

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