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Silver Maple?

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i almost never correct anyone on the board but in the interest of accuracy spalting is actually a bacterial/fungal rotting that takes place in dead wood. you can encourage spalting by keeping a piece of dead wood moist but you can't control it. since it's a part of the rotting process if you wait just a little too long to slab out a log it will be too soft to do you any good.

here's a webb page full of guys asking similar questions.


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See if the timber guys will strip the bark off the trunk; if you see any wavy areas under the bark, that's flame. Usually you'll get it near big crotches and often on the main trunk if you're in an exposed windy area. If you find it, have the guys chain-saw you some boards along the length of that section.

Then wax the end grain and give it 1-2 years per inch of thickness. Or have it kiln dried.

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