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Non-stewmac Forbon Source?


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Right. So I now have a fairly sizeable collection of pickup parts (not quite all of them yet, slight shipping snafu, will be rectified shortly, I'm sure) and I'm almost ready to start doing some winds, and getting into the mysterious world of pickup making.

What I'd like to still find, for the non-standard pickups I'm making that I don't have prefad bobbins for (ie, 5 string bass soapbar pickup, f'r instance), is a source of Forbon that's cheaper than StewMac, and that will ship to Europe. Better still, a European source for the stuff (whether it's Forbon brand, or just 'regular' ol vulcanized fibre). Kane Audio Systems sells it, but won't ship, so anyone got tips or hints? Google searches have been distinctly unsuccessful.

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