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Well this is howe I do it on woodwork projects, havent gotten around to it on a guitar.

Draw out the bevel lines.

Use a chisel to tske out the would, just using your palm no mallet.

Sand the edges for a little rounded edge.

Hope that helps.

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if you're talking about a true, flat surfaced bevel you can do it easily and consistenly with a chamfering bit..hit this link and scroll down to the fourth bit and see if that's what you're talking about.


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Thanks for all the advice guys. I was thinking rasps + sanding, too... Its not a consistant bevel (its going to add some nice strong curves to the design - i'll get around to scanning it when I'm more on my way with the project), and the inner horns are more of a PRS 'horn scallop'. Maybe I'll check out using chisels too since I have a set of those lying around.

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The bevel angles on the SG body edges are only about 15 degrees down from the top/back. The conventional chamfer bit in that size would look like an inverted umbrella :D . But this one will cut 15 degrees provided you approach the guitar from the edge instead of from above. I sure wouldn't want to try it! :D

Yep, rasp and sandpaper. If you have to remove a lot of wood you could hit the edge with a small roundover bit first and then take it from there. Just make sure all the boundarys on the edge, back and top are marked out in pencil and stay within the lines.

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