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I'm new here so be gentle haha...

Can anyone help with wiring for a guitar that has a humbucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck. The bridge Humbucker is to be coil tapp (or series parallel) AND have a phase switch on it. There is nothing going on on the neck pu. The pickup switch is a fender 4-way tele switch.

ANY help at all would be great!


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well how do you want it laid out.

what i gather from your post is that you want. to have

a pos for humbucking pickup

a pos for parallel pickup

a pos for neck pickup

and a pos for some combo of the above.

is this correct.

if so let me know and i will draw up something for you. unless someone on the forum beats me to it.


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Yeah on the pu switch. I want a pos for the bridge, both, neck , and then both in parallel. But the switch does that on its own. What I'm having trouble with is trying to figure out how to do a S/P and a phase reverse on the bridge humbucker and then running it into the 4 way.

All of the switches and knobs go as follows:

2 pu's at the neck that can be selected by an on/on/on switch. These 2 pu's each have their own volume control. After they go through the volumes and then the swich the sginal goes directly into the switch.

The bridge humbucker is what I can't figure out. It too has its own volume.

Then after everything goes through the pu switch it goes into a master volume and master tone.

Is that confusing? hahaha

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Is that confusing?
No, but it's extremely fiddly, and perhaps over-ambitious. :D

This page has all the info you need to do what you're asking to the bridge pickup. You'll need two minitoggles, an ON-ON DPDT (phase switch), and an ON-ON-ON DPDT minitoggle (series/single/parallel). First, wire in the series/single/parallel switch (RH column, 4th from the top), but don't connect the ground or the pickup shield to this switch. Connect the hot lead from this switch and the south start lead to the phase switch (LH column, 5th from the top), and connect ground and shield as shown, and connect the hot lead from that switch to the volume pot. Voila, instant too many choices!

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