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Best Fret Slot Filler

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Hi I did put a post on accoustic forum, but I guess all guitars have fret slots :D

Basically I have a Uke with 3 frets that have been put in very slightly crooked...

Im looking to fill these 3 slots and re cut them straight..the idea of using vineer to fill them has been suggested to me but because I am only replacing 3 frets, I wanted to do as least amount of sanding as possible because the fretboard has been stained and sprayed with nitrocellulose...

I was hoping to tape up the fretslots individually and use some form of epoxy perhaps mixed with some fine dust to fill them and wipe it flush with the fretboard..

Someone did suggeset using arelidite.....Basically to get the fret straight Ill be using half the original fret slot so the filler has to be really strong,,

Any help would be very appreciated..



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