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I Could Use An Oppinion...

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Ok, so. Im looking to buy an electric guitar...my first choice would be an SG....though theres not many I can afford. But, I was at the local music shop (where I prefer to buy from, considering they cover any problems the guitar might have for free), since a month or so ago my guitar teacher was using a Gibson SG that the store had in stock. (one, because it was used, and two he left his Ibanez in his studio) So anyway, it sold :D , but they did just get in an SG style guitar, an S101 for a buck-fifty, which looks alot like an Epi SG Special (which Ive heard bad things about :D ). Anybody have any experience with this S101? Good deal? Bad guitar? Any advice would be appreciated!

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Reading S101's reviews on Harmony Central although there aren't alot there they seem to be of decent quality. However if you've been learning using a Gibson SG I would really recommend you look for something a little 'better'. Or atleast play the guitar a fair bit before you decide if it's right for you. The most important thing is that you like the way it sounds.

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