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Any Luck Repairing Floyd Rose?

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i got a nice washburn in the shop the other day with the usual floy rose won't stay in tune problems. after adding one additional spring i finally got it to level out but after 30-45 minutes of adjusting the tension, etc. i still couldn't get it to stay totally in tune after useing the bar. what was funny was that one time the low strings might stay in tune with the high ones going just a bit flat and another time it would be just the opposite.

i finally put on the old mag eys and checked out the posts and blades and sure enough the post each had a couple of fairly small grooves worn into them. my first thought was that a small piece of emory cloth might be used to smooth out the grooves but i don't want to mess it up any more than it is. anybody had any success in smoothing out posts and if so how?


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Three things,

1- Check that the locking nut is firmly screwed to the neck. This is the cause of most tuning problems on floyds.

2- If the kinfe edges are worn, you may want to file them just enough to make them sharper.

3- If you have a floating tem, I higly recommend a HipShot Tremsetter.

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thanks for the suggestions guitar 2005. the problem isn't the nut it's the ridges in the post. the customer was a kid with a small budget so he was happy with it being "close". i was just wondering if anyone had had any luck getting the ridges out of the posts.

thanks egdelter..if he comes back in i'll suggest replacing the posts.

by the way, from all the reading i've done the jury seems to still be out on the tremsetter and floyd rose's.

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