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Venner On A Carved Top

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Is it possible to do a top like the ones they have on Brain Moores' with just a maple venner? I don't want to waste my venner I got from Brain. I know you need a vacuum thingy to do carves on veneer, but is it possible just to do it like one of these?



Ash HK :D

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If I remember correctly the Moore guitars isn’t carved, but just have a “two dimensional” curve across the body. If so, you can try this.

Carefully heat one side of the veneer with a hairdryer along the “bending line”. The veneer will bend towards the warmer side. Then there will be much less risk for cracks when clamping it down to the body. I would also use thin strips of MDF (3-5mm, or masonite, or anything else that you find suitable) across the bend to even out/spread the clamping pressure.

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Dude, thats awesome. Who would have guessed that I am talking to the Mr. Ormsby himself. Cool! Thanks for the suggestions. But still not too sure now on how to get that kind of bend on the body blank in the first place.

P.S. Rhoads, I go to Perth every year. Maybe I could pop down to your shop/workshop one day. I only stay in two places in my aunt's homes. Either in Waterford or Applecross depending on peference.

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