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Anyone Order Bits From "eagle America"?

j. pierce

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I get a lot of wierd tool catalogs in the mail, I'm usually wary about buying tools through mailorder/internet when I don't have experience with the brand in question, but I got a a catalog from this company "Eagle America" (http://www.eagleamerica.com) the other day, and they have a few router bits I have't seen elsewhere, (Although I haven't really been looking) and it piqued my interest. The first 30 pages of the catalog is router and shaper bits. They aren't cheap, so I assume these aren't junky bargain basement bits, but I don't have any experience with their stuff. Anyone bought from them before?

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American Eagle, if I remember right , used to be a fixture at tool shows,

Their reputation puts them in a class with Amana or Freud.

I got one of their straight cutters years ago as a sample and I remember it as a good pro quality bit.

I get really good pricing on Amana, Ridge Tool, and Velapec so that's what I use.

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