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Dark Pickups For A Maple/alder Neckthrough?


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i'm looking for another point of view as to what pickups i should get in my new project guitar. the guitar in question is an 80's yamaha neckthrough with a maple neck (mahogany/bubinga strips) and alder wings. the fretboard is ebony. bridge is a floating floyd rose variant,but it will be blocked off. H/S/H configuration.

i'm looking for a thick rhythm tone with a good degree of articulation,but with the option of nice bright cleans if i so desire.

the body is already routed for a miniswitch so i'll probably be throwing one in for series/parallel switching.

no ultra high output/distortion pickups for this one..and given the combination of body woods i'm more inclined towards darker sounding pickups. no duncan JBs as well because i already have a few in other guitars and i'm looking for something new.

I was thinking about a dimarzio dual sound in the bridge, and an airzone in the neck. no ideas for the middle single coil yet though,i've always been a HB guy,but i was thinking of something that could get fender cleanish jangly tones.

i'm picking up the airzone in a few days,does anyone know how it would sound in the bridge?

oh i heard dimarzio breeds would fit what i'm looking for,though the impression i always had of them was that they were similar to evolutions..maybe its the vai association.

how about a duncan hot stack for the middle pickup?

i'm open to suggestions though...any recommendations?

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carvin pickups man.

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