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Tross Rod Adjustment

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I have an Epiphone Classical Nylon String Guitar and It is often buzzing when ever I fret any were between the 9-12 frets of the guitar on all strings.

I'm not sure whether I need to adjust my truss rod or not, I thought maybe the fret was warn down too much but they are fine. 

Does anybody have an Idea of what the problem might be?

Something was bugging me about your question and i just realised what it is. You say its a nylon string...does it acutally have a truss-rod??? :D

Anyway, your problem could be relief (or lack of) look up a tutorial on setting up guitars such as this one and follow the steps.

If it doesnt have a trussrod im not sure of the proceedure for a nylon string,you might have to take it to a tech and get the neck reset and setup properly.. :D

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yamaha classicals have a truss rod but there aren't many that do. you said that you thought the frets might be worn down but that wouldn't make it buzz..just the opposite..the frets are too high. the fix depends upon how much too high and what's causing it. if it's the neck relief and you don't have a truss rod a re-set is generally the answer. they're not cheap so you have to decide what the guitar's worth to you. a fret leveling could also fix it but it does sound like you should take it to a qualified repair tech to identify the problem.

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