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Stupid Idea?


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ok, just tell me if I'm being stupid here :D

Recently I've been messing with stereo inputs into my V-Amp, for example using my Boss Octaver to supply the V-Amp with the original tone, and the low tone from the octaver.

Now I was just thinking of a simple pedal with vol/tone(/overdrive) knobs, but two outputs, one the original signal, one the output of the pedal. So I could drop the tone but put the vol up to beef up a lead solo, or the opposite way round to add a bit of crunch to a bit of bridge-pickup riffage.

I guess you could basically get the same thing with 2xvol and 2xtone on the guitar itself but it'd be cheap to make. I'm planning on modifying my SD-1 so maybe if I can add an extra output jack I could try something with that.

So, ideas? Anyone know of any good uses for two outputs from a pedal. Or could I even fit a stereo jack in my guitar and just run line clean into the V-Amp and one through effects.

Confusing myself now :D

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That is not a stupid idea at all but it isnot as easy as you might think. I tried to make a pedal with two volume/tone settings that I could get by just hitting the switch. First problem was the tone control worked all the time on both channels. The capacitor/pot to ground was always in the circuit regardless of if it was wired on the switched input or the output. Double-pole switch took care of that but then I had the volumes wired where the one set lowest was the one that set the volume. Basically made a pair of volume/tone circuits just like in my guitar and tried switching the ground to them instead of the signal lead and got a situation in between both problems. The only thing I ever got to work well was the volume control switched between my clean and OD channel. I gave up on the tone part of the pedal. That does not stop me from rockin :D

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it quite easy actually. you have to look at it like this. rem the gibson lpaul wiring. its setup so that you can adjust one pickup without killing the other. see if you have two vol knobs wired like vol knobs and they are both on ie pickup in the middle then the thing still see's two say 500k imp but one of them is offering a 100k source to ground. so both pickups will be affected. ok sorry i was interupted while typing this. so just shoot me an email and i will draw it up for you the way i did for my student.


essentially though you have one input two outputs and you remove the input and output to the one you are not using. that way there is no signal to ground through the cap on the unused channel.


basic idea let me know if i missed something

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