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Modding A Head


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i have a marshall 8200 valvestate head. i love the sound i get from it but the only problem i have with it is its volume. its a 100x100 watt head but since im using it in mono its only 100 watts. everyone at my house complains when i have it at the lowest volume possible. what i want to know if there is a way to mod it so i can have a headphone output??? ive heard of some amps that had this mod done to them.

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Wow, what a head! 4 output speaker jacks! My problem is that it is solid-state output and I don't think my fix would work. I use a headlight out of my Impala (may it rest in peace) wired to a 1/4" plug and plug it in with the speaker . I don't have the nerve to plug it in by itself but it does cut the ouput volume about in half. My head is all tube and does not seem toi have a problem with it. They sell a load resistor for amps that takes the place of the speakers but they are like real pricey. It is also hard to find the adapter you need to plug a set of stereo headphones into a mono 1/4" jack. Before anyone asks, no, the headlight does not flash kinda cool while you play. It just gets kind of yellow. I think you should wait to get a proper mod as you asked for because those solid state amps are really fussy. Till then, rock your guts out! :D

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if you are confident in your skills most of the amps have enough juice coming from the buffergoing into the power section so that you can pop a hole in the chasis and use a stereo jack and take the line level preamp signal to some headphones. i have done this on a few amps the biggest thing i found out was that to keep from not having a load on the power section i installed a secondary switch to cut off the power to the powerampsection of the amp head. KEEP IN MIND I DO THIS FOR MY DAILY BREAD and have done this for some time. doesn't mean i am an expert only that i have screwed up enough in my time and have done this day in and day out for 15-20 years. so if you have any doubts then ask yourself can i afford to blow up my amp.


ps the schematic should be over at


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