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Diagram For Active Pickup


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the diagram/instructions that came with my active p.u. I'm installing this p.u. by itself in a strat body. You can see a picture of the diagram on my website: www.hampleman.com/guitar.htm. If I understand the diagram correctly, the red wire from the p.u. goes to the positive of the battery and the neg goes to the stereo jack. Also, the 25k pot has 1 side grounded and the common going to the stereo jack. I'm not real sure about grounding. Can anyone make any comments?

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I'm assuming that by common, you mean the wiper terminal on the pot - in the diagram, the wiper of the pot goes to the jack's tip terminal, the battery negative connects to the ring terminal, and the ground lead connects to the sleeve terminal, which is also your circuit ground. Does that clear it up?

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