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How To Remove Wilkinson Studs


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These are in very tightly--not even glued..I thought I drilled deep enough, but they need to go in about 1-1.5mm more--lots of differnce in playing action there, and I don't want to have to ship the neck up...BTW, the guitar has a tru-oil finish-easy to fix.  Any advice?

One way to do it is to install the stud bolts back in to resonable depth then get a claw hammer to pull them out. Be sure to put a piece of wood in between the hammer and the body so you don't leave hammer marks behind. Go slow and gently work around the stud. I have done this before with no problem but I'm always open to a better and easier way. Good Luck!

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I had the luxury of having to take out some inserts myself before for the exact same reason. lol.. I had to figure out how to get them out also. The absolute safest way I figured out was by getting a long bolt that will fit it perfectly, threads, etc. Then just turn it until it bottoms out, thus hitting the wood, now keep turning it, and the force from the bolt will push it straight out without any problems. You will have absolutely no damage, and then you'll be ready to redrill. This way you don't widen the hole at all. Just a little tip I though would help you out. Please keep this secret confidential, I've got a Patent Pending on it. haha Just kidding.. Good luck

PS... I recommend using a bolt that has a hex head bolts so you can use a socket wrench and easily take them out without a chance of scracthing your guitars surface.

Matt Vinson

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Less leverage? Only if you're using a tiny ass piece of wood as a fulcrum. As far as I can tell there's less chance of damage with wire cutters because unless you're a dumbass you're not going to grip the stud hard enough to create any indentations, and when you pull it out there's ZERO chance of it causing any widening of the stud holes.

Those Wilkinson trem studs are deceptive. No matter how deep you drill for them it never seems like enough. ESPECIALLY if you want the trem to sit flush with the body. I wanted that on one I pieced together a while back. I ended up having to drill into the damn trem spring cavity to get the studs low enough. :D

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