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making bookmatched veneer's

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I have been pondering idea of buying some lumber 1" x 9" that has a nice figure to it and just trying to make my own bookmatched veneer's, but i'd like to get as many possible out of it (the whole idea here is to save money) But i haven't got the slightest clue on how to cut them properly. I'm guessing a bandsaw is what i'll need? To bad i don't own one, so that's out. Maybe if i take my lumber to a deli and ask really nice? I'd ask the local exotic woods store to do it for me, but they charge 20$ if i want them to cut a board on a bandsaw (like to make 3 fingerboard blanks from a peice of 1x3) so god knows how much they'd charge me to cut a peice 1x9 into 15 or so veneer's....

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What you want is a guy with a resaw machine.

Much like a bandsaw, but with a very thin/deep blade.

There are a few guys around who will do that, but no one rides for free, your looking at shipping back and forth along with their price to cut/sand.

The guys on e-Bay who sell woods ready to be joined and built into instruments, most of them have resaw machines.

It can get pricey, and a regular bandsaw isn't that accurate to do what your asking. It sometimes can be accomplished...but probably not with a piece of lumber that is 9" deep...that calls for a pretty accurate sawcut.

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