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Washburn N4 & Bill Lawrence


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Heya guys n gals.

First off, i know the BL thing has been covered a billion times over but i can't seem to find the answer to my question.

I just need something cleared up if possible. I'm trying to work out what bridge pickup Nuno used in his original N4. I've read as much as i can stand on the matter, what with the arguments better billlawrenceusa.com and billlawrence.com. It's my understanding the later is the real thing but the billlawrenceusa is by no means a poor pickup, but who knows. Way i figure it, whateva his thoughts to running a business, end of the day he was the original creator of the pickups whether he holds the trademark or not.

Now i know the now make what they call an exact replica of Nunos N4, that been the N4 Relic but how exact is it? The Relic uses Bill Lawrence USA pickups, i'm told due to the fact they can manufacture at a far quicker rate to Willi himself. This i don't doubt, but surely Nuno would get special treatment himself? :D and got to Willi n Becky if its a superior product? Also does he use the 500L or XL

Any info would be much appreciated thanks :D

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The production Washburn guitars use the Wajcman pickups. I don't think anyone knows what Nuno uses except Nuno, and it's probably so old that it doesn't matter. Probably just the stock L500's. The Wajcman pickups are known for their quality issues, whether or not they sound as good as Bill and Becky's is purely subjective.

For the price, I'd get 'em from Bill and Becky myself. They probably know EXACTLY what Nuno uses and the exact specs on his setup, too. It just seems like it'd be worth it getting it from the Man himself rather than someone who doesn't seem to stand behind his products.

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