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Stringing Help.

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I am a biginner when it comes to stringing and setting up the guitar. I can play my ass off, but am retarded when it comes to the hardware. I was wondering if somebody could possibly go step by step on the most proper way to string a fender strat for standard tuning playing. And the whole thrust rod/adjustable neck thing confuses me. I'm not sure when the guitars neck is straight or not. Could somebody please help me?

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There's a great article over on jemsite.com on this. I don't have the exact url at the moment. It's not aimed at a Strat but you can use most of it.

Basically, the truss rod compensates for the pulling action of the strings. Dual action rods (I don't think Strats have) allow you to add more pull or compensate for the pull.

Anyway, if I find it, I'll post a link. Take a look in the mean time.

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