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Refinishing An Old Beater

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I've got this old small acoustic that someone picked up at a yard sale and thought it would be fun to frig with. It had been in a basement and had water damage on the finish. I've sanded most of it off and now have the challenge of figuring out how to finish it. The top and back are decent looking so I wouldn't mind a stain or something but the real problem is in the sides. I got tired of sanding forever by hand (I'm pretty sure the finish had a density close to lead) so I whipped out the dremel. As a result of my hastiness, I burned through the outer ply of the side material in some places revealing the second, darker layer. If the finish on the sides were opaque and the divots were filled, it could look alright. I would like to do a stain type finish on the top and back however. Any ideas for how to accomodate these two ideas? Sunburst of some sort? Can you mix paint for the dark outside with stain on the inside of the burst? Thanks. :D:D

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