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All Ebony Neck

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I was working on a 8 string ebony neck thru and I can tell you this much, the stuff is massivly heavy! (my blank weighed in at just under 18 pounds) when I get a chance Im going to be restarting that guitar but with a maple/ebony lam, to save weight and because I think it will sound better as ebony is very bright.

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Honestly, given rosewoods are already pushing the weight limit a little, all-ebony necks seem like a pretty, but idiotically heavy option.

Y'know, unless you're Boaz Elkyam, and make weird, crazy-lookin acoustic classical guitars with partially hollowed ebony necks to bring the weight down. No real details on how he did it, though..

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For me it would be too much heavy and expensive; oh yeah a very bright neck I believe more than maple. And consider it isn't easy to work with ebony... and I'm thinking at truss rod channel, shaping and sanding. It will be hard!!!


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