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Problems wiring EMG´s to Ibanez Guitar


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Hi i need help in wiring some Emg 81 & 85 pickups to an ibanez guitar

My problem is that I don´t now what wiring diagram to follow because the pickup selector for the ibanez guitars are different so It seems that the wiring diagrams on the emg official page doesn´t work for me..

The guitar should finish being a guitar with 1 volume 1 tone (25k each)..and two hambuckers the 81 on the bridge and 85 on fingerboard and a 3 way switch...

If someone could help in what to do...or send me a wiring diagram to my mail or whatever would be really apreciated! B)

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You should be absolutely fine with the Ibanez switch. Just figure out which "thingies" (sorry don't know the english word...) are connected to which thingies when the switch is in a certain position. And figure out the same thing for the type of switch used in the scematics.

The coil splitting must be done through wiring the pickups to the switch in a certain way. It can't be the switch.

What a funny thing: :D

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You're absolutely right about the two dead spots not being nice, but it would work.

And having 1 wire on 2 contacts is afaik common-place. I've seen it in quite a few guitars.

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