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Rattlecan Clear Nitro

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I suggested setting up a "Product Review" section for the new forum and can clearly see, through this post and many others like it, that it will be beneficial.

I've used something called T-5 Super Lacquer made by a company called "plasti-kote" A Valspar Company, whatever the hell that means, just reading off the can btw, :D . Its a nitro lacquer I find on the shelf at the local autobody supply store.

On a side note: I will ONLY used nitro over top of a dye job or natural wood finish. Try it over acrylic lacquer, enamel, pretty much ANYTHING else is asking for BIG trouble. Thats just to clear the air for people asking if they can mix finish materials, the answer is NO! I'm even a bit leery about using nitro clear over a nitro color coat. Nitro lacquer is literally caustic when compared to other coatings, can you say "chemical meltdown"? :D

So if you will be clearcoating a dye job or bare wood its pretty good stuff. No need to scuff between coats because each layer literally melts into the previous layer, so much acetone in there. That said, nitro is also one of the most noxious compounds you could aspirate into the air so proper ventilation and safety goes without saying. I got a real love/hate relationship with this stuff. I've been leaning farther and farther towards the polyurethane.

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