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Les Paul Style 3 Way Switch


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:D Hi,

Go to www.grizzly.com, I think that's it. Anyway, Grizzly tools has a lot of LP-style switches in several finishes and for very good prices. I've used several of them over the last year with no problems.



hi whats a good brand 3 way switch. ive been using allparts and a prs one(very well constructed very pricey) are there any cheaper brands that are bulit well. im not thrilled with the allpart switches.

thank, Adam

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I've seen those switches in the Grizzly catalog too. I was thinking about buying one for a project I am working on. The main reason was the Allparts switch I already have only has about 3/16" on the shaft between the nut and the base plate, and that is only threading the nut on the shaft a couple of turns.

This means the wood in the control cavity of the body will have be routed down to that thickness for me to use that switch. The Grizzly switches appear to have a longer shaft (at least in the catlog they do),which would allow me to leave the wood at the bottom of the control cavity thicker, but Grizzly does not list the shaft length on their switches in the catalog, so I am only guessing.

I was wondering bbcg, if you can confirm what the shaft length on those Grizzly three-way switches is for me ?

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