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Rokeros At1

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By the way, heres the specs for my project just so you guysa know what is going on the body. -:

Saga Strat Style Neck wth Rosewood FrtBrd

Flame Maple Veneer Top

Gotoh(Kluson) Vintage Tuners

Blue/Black Water Dye Finish on veneer

Faux Binding

Black Back+Neck+Headstock

White Sprayed Skunk from headstock down to endpin

Flat Top Alder Body

JB + 59' SD pups

Mcarty Style Wiring (3-way switch 1 Vol, 1 Tone Push/Pull, Coil Splitting)

KTM-9 Sponge Brush/Airbrush Clear

Aluminium Sand Blasted pup rings

T.O.M. and through Body

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Looks interesting. Will the lack of wood surrounding the neck pocket affect anything? I'm guessing it won't since V's are usually built this way - aren't they? Or are V's typically set-necks? I'm not sure but I wanted to see if anyone else here might know.

One question: how are you going to do faux binding with a veneer? I thought that was typically done with a drop top (1/4" or more). If you use a veneer, do you use the body wood as the faux binding? I'm not saying it can't be done, I've just never seen faux binding on a veneered body. I've seen loads of bodies with veneer but they usually don't have binding.

One more thing - will the Strat headstock look right with that body? Can you add it to your pic so we can check it out?

Good luck with it. I hope you have fun with it!

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