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Nominate Your New Moderators (11.10.05)

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So what exactly does a mod do? probably a stupid question. I mean... psh... i know what they do... its just some people... out there might not know...

is it basically breaking up arguements and locking topics and just sorta of being the police of the forums?

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I accept, *but*...

I need to know if this is a 'here's the keys, go to work' type deal, or if there is a deal of training involved. I can't guarantee how long I'll be able to contribute for (new job on the cards, plus repair and building work) and I don't want anyone to invest time in training me to Mod, only to have that time wasted if I have to bail.

I asked last time around, and didn't get an answer before the nominations ended.

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Thanks for doing the update, Scott. I appreciate it.

Being a moderator is a pretty simple job. I would say that "policing" is a harsh term. It's more like being a concierge. You help point the new folks in the proper direction, make sure posts are in the correct topic areas, edit out the inappropriate words, keep threads civil and on-topic, and make sure that the rules are adhered to.

The moderators here work as a team and have access to every area, so if one person is unavailable for a few days/weeks, we have others to help out. It works quite well.

There's not a lot of training involved. Most of the new functions they will see are self-explanatory, and only a few get regular use.

There are no specific 'hours' that a moderator needs to put in. It's a "whenever you have time" position.

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And Matt I'm in Korea, not Timbuktu!

Korea,Timbuktu=FAR AWAY :D


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Unreal, I had no idea anyone would nominate me for moderator. I'm shocked!! I really appreciate it guys, and if you really think I would do a good job, then I accept. I don't want to become Mod if it means making enemies though, it's not worth it. I come here to talk about the hobby I love, guitar building, and how to build them better. :D From talking finishing with Drak to chatting with Thorn about his latest guitars.. It's just a fun forum.

So it's up to you guys. If you guys have that much confidence in me doing a good job, I don't want to let you down by saying no. On the other hand though, I feel that everyone else, who was nominated, would make great Mods. In fact, I know that most of the members of PG could make good Mods, because we have some great members on this forum. I just feel privileged to be a member of this forum.

Matt Vinson

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All you need to know is how to handle people, not computers (to any great extent) or guitars. That means being able to interpret what they are saying the right way. So many misunderstandings happen where people take things the wrong way and react before thinking. So if you can stay on top of posts and "nip the negativity in the bud", ie. before anyone reacts, then you are doing a fine job.

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What about you Jehle? Would like to be a mod? I would nominate you as you are always level headed and a great help to the community here. I think you would be another great person for the job. So I hereby knight I mean nominate Jehle. J

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Accepted nominations are:






I vote for all 5!

Come to think of it. Is there a reason to only nominate a few? Why not have more deputys on patrol?

Nominations are open for as many get nominated Bill. I just put the accepted list up so the same names don't keep getting re-nominated.

With that I think you would make a good mod. You have always had positive input on the site and if you're willing I would like to see you as a part of the mod team. Soooooo, I nominate Jehle the banana man if he is willing.

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