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Looking For Les Paul Blueprints


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Hey everybody,

does anybody here have a Gibson Les Paul blueprint (Link) ?

I've been searching a long time yet... If nobody has one, I'm thinking about buying one from Stewmac.com

The only problem is that I'm from Germany :D

It will be my first guitar yaaay :D

Greetings from germany <3

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You can buy plans from Stew Mac, or from www.guitarplansunlimited.com. I've heard StewMac's are good, but not 100% accurate. The guitarplansunlimited plans are for a generic 'LP clone' and look pretty good. I've dealt with the owner, Jamie Unden, on the MIMF, and I know he's a good guy.

IMO, you can do without - all you need to produce a good LP is a reliable template, and your own drawings to determine the top carve and neck angle. The MIMF library has free templates, based on a number of 50's instruments, by John Catto - IMO these are the most accurate you're going to find.

These, combined with some drawings I made, and a basic knowledge of guitar geometry, produced my LP:


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