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Uke Making Tutorial

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Ive got this strong urge to make a Ukulele...Ive done alot of guitar maintanance work, refretting etc and have built a nice bass but have never done any work on something accoustic.....

i want to start with a high quality uke with binding and nice inlays etc...you dont seee all that many ukes that have been made the same quality as a accoustic guitar..

Just wondering if anyone knew of a good tutorial on the net for building one?

Thanks alot


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Ukes aren't very hard to make, quite fun actually. I've built four. With the help of those tut's you should be able to do it.

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Hi MATT yea I really want to put alot of effort in and make it really nice....its actually for my daughter......shes only 2 so I got plenty of time :D...I really want to do some inlays and have been doing quite a bit of research on doing it....has anyone here had much experience with it? Iwas just wondering how intricate I Could get without having a CNC machine....I just looked at that 11pages of the violin you made....it looks amazing....thought you might know a thing or 2 about it ... I was thinking of using mahogany for the whole thing and was going to try to use a diff wood for a binding...

Hey tirapop...thanks for those links....alot of info there :D



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