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Drill Press On Amazon.com


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Looks good for a first one. A litle to low in power for bigger jobs, like Robosanders and so on.

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Too small, get a bigger one! It's like bikes, you get a 250 to learn, thne you think it is too small and get a 600, thne that's under powered and get a 750, thne you get bored and need a bit more, and get a 900...so on....

If you can get the money! get a bigger one, one that you can place the whole guitar body on! This one on the pic you can use for small work! Thats it!

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That's fine for, say, headstocks, and minor sanding. About the same size as the one I have (due to space, not monetary restraints.) If you can swing it, and can drum up the cash, get a press that will easily drill through-body holes on a Telecaster, and maybe even on a larger/wider design if possible.

All this said, a small drill press is much, much better than no drill press at all.

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