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Hmmmmmm, D*mnit

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So i just drilled the post holes for the TOM and Stoptailpiece.......

bridge placement was nailed just fine, andgle and all.

tailpiece went great until drill bit jumped and dug into the body a bit fwd of its intended mark by 1'16"...well, just a bit strong of 1/16".

I'll safely assume this could be a problem somehow even though when I measure, and pull strings through everything checks out, and the tailpiece even fits on (just a tad bit more snug) but there's a noticeable angle to it, since it's off a bit.

Here's my intended correction.......fill the hole, and redrill.

If there's not a probllem with a stop tailpiece being off by a hair, then I'll leave it be and just try to deal with it every time i look at my guitar.....

any suggestions?


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Yeah, it will be a trade off to either fill and redrill or leave it and deal with the odd look. I think we've all made our fair share of uh-ohs, :D unfortunately, so use this as one of those learning experiences.

For the next one use a real good brad point bit. They don't wander because of the point and sharp cutting edge.


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Aye......the brad point.....

that's funny you should mention that, really.

In the cabinet shop where i work, that's where all the tools are for the guitar const.

I and my co-worker dave constantly make jokes about how everything in the shop is horrible and needs replacing.....and it's true, there isnt a chisel there that's not been used to shave down some screws or is covered in wood glue. and there's a whole set of at least 30 brad point bits ina box....although only the 25/64" bit and the 2" bit are actually present. The drill press, well.....let's say if you bump into it tooo hard, it may fall apart.....again.

But luckily through...well....luck, everything's gone rather smoothly.

but it's nice to know I haven't ruined my guitar.

Thanks for those who took the time to reply, I appreciate it.


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thanks southpa.

yeah i used it to counter bore into the back of my warmoth neck's headstock that had slightly smaller tuner holes than needed drilled into it. Well, I think it was that one, I cant recall specifically......but there was that needed mod to the neck, yes.


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